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Remember, that with the right type of Planning and Preparation, you will not need Luck. Nor will you need to be good at child psychology. From the outset we must advise you - Research EarlyRecognise the Signs, Seek Guidance And Just Do!! Do not let nerves of frustrations get the better of you at this important time. Start now, research and draw on the best resources available to save time and effort and you will be guaranteed success. It is our hope that what follows supports you in that endeavour.


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5 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Painless Potty Training

Get the Best Potty Training Books

and say Adios to Diapers 

"This is the mother lode of potty training books"

Are any of your children ready, willing or able for the potty? Are you simply just done with buying and changing diapers?

For those who decide that they would like to fast track the process, and give themselves more of a comprehensive yet painless potty training education, then we highly recommend that you take a look at a few of the more advanced potty training books on the market.

One such potty training book we recently evaluated is an e-book called 'Painless Potty Training'. This publication is driven by substantial study and analysis into this significant topic including the meat and potatoes knowledge of what battle hardened mums and dads have already experienced and applied to break through with success this testing time in their families lives.

But before we get to our review of 'Painless Potty Training' a bit of history that led us to it. In preparation for this and other sites we researched all types of potty training books, listened to numerous audios and consulted with many an expert. Unfortunately, we found few comercially available potty training books that provided a sufficient level of expertise combined with practicle easy to apply strategies to properly help mums and dads in a quick, concise and functional way.

This encouraged us here at Potty Training Books to embark on a lengthy voyage. A voyage of knowledge to learn, study, investigate and research a multitude of methods to discover 'what really WORKS' with potty training.Boy o' boy did we come across some junk in the process.

To cut a long story short, we were recommended by mums and dads we chatted to, time and time again, to add 'Painless Potty Training' to our reading list. One particular mum we spoke to boldly told us "Guys, this is the mother lode of potty training books'. To be honest at first we were only reading books available in print at better bookstores and large libraries and mostly ignored e-books. Well what a fundamental mistake that was. Some of the best resources turned out to be those in ebook format and yes, 'Painless Potty Training' was at the top of the heap of all formats combined.

Something that struck us from the moment we laid eyes on 'Painless Potty Training' was that it is definitely not your typical dry, technical or clinical textbook. It contains only the most important facts for anyone itching to know how to kick-off a triumphant potty training strategy for their child. It was so easy to read, so to the point that practically anyone could take the methods on board and quickly and effortlesly apply them. We found it a complete breeze to read.

From the moment you start to read this potty training book, you can expect to uncover underground strategies that have already been proven by other families to have worked - enabling you to make the cross over with your child from diapers to being fully potty trained quick and easy.

'Painless Potty Training' is definitely a concise and easy to read guide that will really make the difference in helping you potty train your child. This is a fundamental reason why potty training books such as 'Painless Potty Training' make our top rated list to begin with. An easy to read, easy to follow instructional book will get our mark of approval almost every time.

However, what took 'Painless Potty Training' to the top of our recommendations list was that it offers astounding clarity regarding this important child development topic. Not an easy feat! Enough talk... let's break down what you will get out of this book.

Painless Potty Training provides you with a well respected, all-embracing e-book on:

- Innovative tactics associated with potty training

- The moment your family ought to commence the process

- Potty training's Do's and Don'ts 

- The right way to tackle potty training

- The simplest way to cope with mishaps

Painless Potty Training gives you the type of guidance and answers designed to support you in making the most appropriate choices when potty training your toddler.

 To illustrate, you will find out how you can come up with:

 - educated decisions regarding the psychological effects involving potty training

 - the most suitable training alternatives

 - solutions with regards to travelling and potty training

Possessing this specific information (and much more) within its pages can certainly help anyone potty train their child in an efficient and uncomplicated way....that's for sure. Again, this is why 'Painless Potty Training' has our highest approval rating.

This is a vital phase in the development of your youngster and ought to be taken very seriously. Please do not begin potty training until you are able to dedicate yourself to it properly, which includes much necessary time and patience. Your child and you will do not deserve failure.

On the other hand, if you are dedicated to potty training success, it is highly advisable that you do not attempt to improvise and re-invent a well travelled wheel without time saving EXPERT advice.

So, do yourself a huge favor and check out what we believe to be the best potty training book available .......'PAINLESS POTTY TRAINING'. We are confident that you will not regret your decision.

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4 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Potty Train Your Child by Noon

Potty Training Books that are "Fast and Funny"

"Potty Train Your Child by NOON" is a 24-page potty training book or e-book to be more specific written by Kim MacPherson, who says that her potty training method is "proven, fast, fun, and easy!"

Those are some rather big claims, as we don't think we've ever heard potty training described in any potty training books as fast and funny in the same breath, let alone easy. Let's just say we were skeptical.

After reading Kim's e-book, though, we can definitely see how her method will work wonderfully with a huge number of kids. It may not work for everyone (what does?), but it's certainly worth trying, especially given the low cost of e-book.

Kim didn't originate her potty training method herself; it was passed along to her by a friend who used this method to potty-train three children of her own. All were potty-trained in one day and without tears or drama.

"Potty Train Your Child by NOON" starts off with a nice introduction to Kim and her son, but then it quickly gets to the task at hand: potty-training!

The book starts off by taking the reader through a series of questions to determine if the time is even right for you and your child to start the potty-training process. After that, the book tells you what you'll need for your "big day." And don't worry, because you likely have everything you'll need already at home.

Kim then takes us through the five steps of the "big day," but she does it in a fun, lighthearted manner. This e-book is really quite enjoyable to read.

Also, each section ends with a nice summary of "Key Takeaways" so that you can get to the "good stuff" quickly or refer back to them if you need to during the "big day."

There are definitely longer, more costly potty training books out there, but if you're looking for a very quick read that will give you a real plan to potty-train your child in only a few hours, we can safely recommend Kim MacPherson's e-book, "Potty Train Your Child by NOON."

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4 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Potty Training Secrets Exposed

More than Potty Training Books - Get your Audio and Charts too!!


Mums and dads are responsible for making sure that their kids go from diapers to the use of the potty/toilet smoothly. Of course this may not be a straightforward process but there exists little if any alternative apart from making it work. With that in mind, parents should be thrilled to find out that there are quite a few quality potty training books and resources that will assist them accomplish more rapid potty training for their kids.

Potty Training Secrets Exposed is one such product and we have to say, is one of the most whiz bang all encompassing programs / potty training books we have come across and had the pleasure of reviewing. We had to think long and hard about this product because we still aren’t sure whether to put it as our number one or two product – it certainly deserves a top 3 spot if not the number 1 top spot. All our top 3 products are stand out products in their own right and all seem able to slot in at number one. In time, and with further reflection we may juggle around the order.

Potty Training Secrets Exposed guarantees to have your children  trained up for potty in quick time (72 hours) or your money back. The complete product package includes a potty training audio ('Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days’) , a Potty Training E-Book ('Accelerated Potty Training Made Easy') and potty training charts. We will break it down as such in the proceeding paragraphs.

The audio ‘Potty Trained in 1 to 3 Days’ is a potty training product that will certainly carry excellent value to moms and dads whose youngsters have reached this specific period of their lives. The audio contains an interview involving 'Potty Training Secrets Exposed’ Dr. Wayne Jensen and child care pro, Suzy Mor. Suzy is a respected expert on potty training issues and has presented her guidance to a broad ranging clientele over the East Coast of the United States. She is also a mother of four kids so is certainly well positioned to supply invaluable guidelines and hints on this topic.

With the audio, parents will discover the simple yet successful methods by which potty training can be performed, in a fashion which will certainly deliver speedy outcomes.It is a one stop reference source for practically all the elements of potty training

One of the downsides of most ebooks is that it isn't always easy to read an ebook fast enough for ones needs. But, The Potty Training Secrets Exposed’ authors have considered this angle by recording much of their quality information in one easily accessible MP3 audio.  You'll be able to tune in to the information while you manage your regular chores or maybe when you're exercising. It's also possible you may wish to glean some of the powerful potty training tactics while you are travelling to work or cruising about in your car. It's just so convenient

Many positive aspects associated with effective potty training will be acquired once you listen to the Potty Training Secrets Exposed audio. Among the most critical abilities that parents are certain to discover concerns one of the best methods for interacting with the child in potty training. Particularly the most suitable words or emotional message and the best possible vocal tone designed to help accelerate the potty training steps for any toddler of any age.

You will also learn:

How to identify the ideal point in time to start your children's potty training; at what age it is suggested potty training;  what accessories and essentials you will need in order to make the plan triumphant; how to handle opposition to the method; how to make certain that a potty trained child does not go backward; as well as how to rectify the situation if and when that child regresses;  coping with incontinence and bedwetting troubles, dealing with constipation, elimination of pant soiling and how to best approach it whenever it occurs, overcoming mishaps and the diverse situations that they may materialize in, the way to help children make use of a ‘foreign’ toilet/potty.
As you can see it is very comprehensive.

Every parent desires that their child’s passage from diapers toward potty/toilet be as non-problematic as it can be. The Potty Training Secrets Exposed audio will surely be an invaluable tool to help in your efforts.

Potty Training Books also reviewed The “Accelerated Potty Training Made Easy” e-book as part of the package from Potty Training Secrets Exposed.

This e-book gives parents stepwise directions relating to the concepts of fast and effective potty training in a manner that primes the process for achievability inside a 72 hour timeframe.

The layout of Accelerated Potty Training Made Easy will certainly win over mothers and fathers who are usually on the go, pairing child care giving along with demanding work timetables. This is not a theory-packed manual but instead one that thankfully gets straight to the burning issue of potty training. From the very outset, we are given particulars of just how the potty training system is going to be put in place and then carried out. Pretty much everything is displayed in a very parent-friendly fashion which is simple to understand and one that's definitely targeted at concluding those diaper use days by your little one.

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